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The development team utilizes a Feature Driven Development (FDD) approach. FDD is an iterative and incremental software development process that blends a number of industry-recognized best practices into an agile framework. By addressing each feature as a short task, the process adapts well to both parallel activities and changes in overall requirements

Key roles, defining product ownership, project management, user advocacy, etc., are assigned to people of both our firm and yours to create a team that delivers the desired product.

Our approach to testing ensures satisfaction with the delivered product. Testing includes:

  1. Unit testing during feature development
  2. Integration testing of the feature within the app
  3. System testing to validate performance, usability and interfaces with external systems
  4. Regression testing when making changes to confirm no side-effects were introduced

Phone apps deal

We produced two phone apps as proof of concepts for firms exploring mobile apps. Both firms selected teams that had already deployed mobile apps to develop the production versions.

I’d like to get that experience as well, so here’s the deal: I will develop your mobile app for a fixed price.

There are some rules and limitations:

  • I select the technology (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).
  • I set the schedule and timeline.
  • You provide a functional design document that defines the scope and behavior of each control on every screen.
    • You could engage us for this step.
  • We can agree upon a price and payment schedule.

Interested? Contact us to begin the proposal process.

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