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I have played a significant role in quite a few software development projects for firms ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies. Below are some of the highlights - take a look at the résumé for a more complete view of my experience.

Mobile app using Telerik App Builder

This app was built for the NAMAS annual conference.  In addition to session schedules, speaker info, etc., user could rate each session and the conference overall.  I designed, coded and published the app on both the Apple and Google stores for iPhone and Android - search the stores for "NAMAS conference" to install on your phone.


MVC 5 with SQL Server 2012
Phase I of this project is the presentation of analysis results, formerly provided as Excel workbooks.  I designed the SQL database and wrote procedures to populate it from the analysis ISAM data files.  With another developer, I designed and wrote C# / LINQ code to build the ASP.NET MVC site.

Check it out in the QA Environment. Log in with user name demo@fcg.com and password Easy2Use

Windows Azure with SQL Azure
This project involved migrating a WinForms application to the web. With no ability to predict sales, Azure was a good choice to minimize risk whilst allowing for rapid deployment of additional server resources as needed.

I managed two developers on the user-facing and internal user management applications, learned and documented the promotion of the database objects and code to the Azure platform, and coded an interface to a copy-protection provider. 

ASP.NET 3.5 with SQL Server 2008
This application provides analytical tools to medical practices. I worked with the client to produce functional specifications, wrote the technical designs, designed the SQL Server database and developed most of the objects whilst managing a team of five developers to create both a user-facing application and an administrative application for managing the users and benchmark data (primarily via SSIS). 

SQL Sever 2008 R2 with Analysis Services
One of my clients provides expert analysis and testimony on several multi-district cases. Thus far, I have created nine SQL Server databases and SSIS packages to import billions of rows, written countless procedures to calculate statistics on the data and report the results, and employed Analysis Services for data mining when exploration of the data was indicated. 

SQL Reporting Services 2005 and Windows Mobile 6.5
For a former employer, I managed the efforts of two contract development teams – one in the US and one in India. These teams delivered significant new functionality: the migration of over 100 reports from ASP pages to Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services and an inspections module that is available on the web, TabletPC, and PocketPC. I provided technical guidance for both projects, generally writing example reports and screens as a pattern for the team, and operated as the primary contact for these teams.